Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I don't even know where to start with these photos, that's how important this shoot is to me. What started as just another one of my exciting beach-shoot adventures became more and more significant with every photo I edited. 

For those of you who know me will know that the past few months I've been incredibly conflicted about my work. Even though I worked hard at every single shoot, it always felt terribly average to me. (There were one or two exceptions though, like my recent shoot in the Helderberg Nature Reserve a month or so ago, but I was convinced at the time that it was luck.) It always somehow felt like my work was missing something and no matter how hard I worked, I just couldn't even find that something missing, let alone fix the problem.

This shoot finally pushed me into the right direction.

During this year's off-season I took to doing a lot more model shoots so I can hone my skills for the up-coming wedding season. I am proud to say that it looks like it's paying off.

As many of you Capetonians know, it's been pouring the whole of last week (it's even raining as I'm typing up this blog!) so I've been stalking the weather sites rather obsessively to double check that Sunday would indeed offer us the partially cloudy conditions that we were wishing for. If there's one thing I hate doing it's cancelling a shoot and this one has been in the works for weeks

Come Sunday and we were indeed blessed with gorgeous weather! Riaan and I met Kat and Chanté at Llandudno beach where we set up and once we were joined by our buddy Randall we got down to business. 

Kat has entered the Miss ZigZag contest (check out her profile here - go vote for her!) and I am really rooting for her to win - the current Miss ZigZag is none other than the gorgeous Bia whom I shot with not so long ago!

Once again, I got absolutely soaked and had to make my barefooted way through a maze of tiny, nearly invisible bluebottles but in the end it was all worth it! We were packing up when the most amazing golden sunset light came through the clouds (that we were not expecting!) and we rushed to do another outfit - well played, guys!

MODEL: Kathrijn Mikaila
PARTNERS IN CRIME: Riaan Swanepoel and Randall Spruit