Wednesday, 26 March 2014

This shoot started out as a conversation between Lian and myself that went something along the lines of this:
Lian: "Hey Grethe, we should do a shoot!"
Grethe: "For sure! What do you have in mind?"
Lian: "...well, my sleeve is almost done..."

Okay, so maybe it wasn't 100% like that, but that's the general idea. This year I set out to do a couple of styled bridal shoots that are more my style - and the kind of weddings that I want to shoot. (I really hope to bring the brave and nontraditional brides of South Africa out of hiding with these!)

These days, body modifications are becoming more and more accepted and widespread, yet when a tattooed couple becomes engaged there will always be someone who will wonder (or even ask outright!) "what are you going to do about your tattoos?", a phrase/question which can spark a whole range of emotions. 

What I aimed to do with this shoot is to show that despite the fact that a lot of people expect a tattooed bride to either cover up or go completely Rockabilly for her wedding day, she does not have to do either if it's not her style. You can have a stylish, elegant wedding that shows off your personality and your ink!

Of course, I could not have done this without any of these fabulous vendors - hop on over to their pages to give them some love, they are all extremely gracious and talented!

MODEL: Lian Naudé
HAIR COLOURING, STYLING AND MAKEUP: Danie and Mari at Salon Rika, Wellington 
VENUE/LOCATION AND WINES: Waterkloof Wines - Somerset West 
PHOTOGRAPHY AND RETOUCHING: Grethe Rosseaux Photography

DECOR AND FLOWERS: Schimoney Leicester at Lavishly Done 
STATIONERY: Susan Brand at Susan Brand Design  
GOWNS: Rose Molteno at Molteno Creations (green sequin dress) and Elaine Blom at Elaine - Alternative Bridal Wear (ivory Gatsby dress)
CAKE: Annemie van Niekerk at Pink Sugar Weddings 
JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES: Marizanne Kellerman at Zanry Jewellery Design and Manufacturing