I am a weirdo!

Hi there, how are you? :) 
My name is Grethe and if you want to get to know me a bit, you're in the right place - well, as much as I can tell you on a page on my blogger thing without it getting awkward, that is.

I love random facts, so I will give you random facts about me:

- Very recently, I started drinking red wine. It was an epiphany - a 'where have you been all my life?' -moment.
- I have an unhealthy obsession with the military, flying and planes - especially FIGHTERS. 
- ...and nuclear science. 
- ...and history.
- ...and random facts. 
- I once accidentally ended up going to a Neil Diamond concert with my parents and I had the greatest time!
- While everyone in South Africa is always counting the days until summer, I would happily let it be winter forever! The colder and rainier the better! 
- I believe cats are gods and they actually understand every single word we say and marvel at our lack of intelligence every day of their lives.
- To be honest, I don't think I have a favourite colour. I favour warm colours like pinks and oranges and reds and purples, but seriously - asking me to pick one is an anxiety attack waiting to happen.
- I am completely, totally, irrevocably in love with the city of Munich, Germany. Well, pretty much the entire Bavarian district, but Munich specifically.
- Cheese > chocolate any day. I don't have a sweet tooth, so bring me cheese and wine and I will love you forever!
- I speak four languages! (Afrikaans, English, German and Russian!)
- When I am not a photographer, I am an illustrator - I've always loved graphic novels and I am perpetually working on one. Yes. Head over to my DeviantART page if you'd like to see some of my drawings! :)
- I have two hidden talents; I can peel and chop onions without my eyes watering (and no, I don't wear contact lenses!) and I can sing the Numa Numa song (Google it, I'm sure you know it!) in its entirety. In Romanian. (No, I don't know what I'm saying.)
- I wish I could drink more coffee but I overdid it when I was in primary school and now it gives me migraines. :(
- Tea, however, is the BEST!
- I do not consider myself a craft beer hipster, but I do love me some German Weissbier!
- Disclaimer: I do not consider myself a hipster in any way at all.
- I love classical music! These days, I mostly play clarinet and piano and I'm teaching myself to properly play flute.
- I love glitter - in fact, I tell people that I think I was Elton John in my previous life!
- ...and lastly, do not let this spring chicken exterior fool you. I am actually an old lady who loves afternoon naps (when I can get them), tea, fluffy blankets, peace and quiet and reading. Oh and I want the neighbourhood kids to stay off my lawn!

Do you think you might have an FAQ?

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If you're neither of those, your question wasn't answered on either of those pages, or you just want to say hello - feel free to send me an email at grethe{at}fenyx.co.za :)


Photos by Debbie Lourens