Monday, 27 May 2013

I had such a blast shooting with Anja and Irmgard yesterday! 

Not only was it pouring with rain yesterday (I love winter!) I had a great stylist on board to collab with; Anja knows her way around style - she is, after all, the Anja Wintour behind Glitz and Grammar

The inspiration for the shoot came right out of the 20's, and having just read The Help (I highly recommend it to your readers out there!) I just completely threw myself into the shoot. 

For a first-timer in front of a lens, I think Irmgard did really well! 

Thank you ladies, 'twas a delight!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Hello everyone! Wedding season is over and I thought I'd share something a bit different with you. (If you ever wanted to know what wedding photographers do on off-weekends, this is pretty much it - we have sort-of lives haha!)

The three guys I spent my Saturday afternoon with are none other than my other half Philip (the tall, lanky one with the long hair) and our two friends André (Junior) and Sean.

André has an Honours degree in molecular biotechnology, but the rest of us will agree that he completely missed his calling - not only does he brew his own (delicious!) beer, he cooks like the gods of food themselves taught him to!

I will be doing a shoot this weekend with Irmgard, and Anja from Glitz and Grammar as the stylist, so until then enjoy this little slice of life on the blog!


It's me! :) 




Tannie Moira! :)

Monday, 6 May 2013

Hello everyone! I am so happy to share Mignon and Shaun's engagement shoot with you all on this fine Monday!

Like many of the other wonderful brides I've shot the past few months, I know Mignon from school days and that made the day just so much more fun. Riaan (who will be assisting me on Mignon and Shaun's wedding) and I headed off to Constantia's gorgeous Green Belt for the first few shots and afterwards to the beautiful Camp's Bay where Shaun proposed to Mignon.

Thank you Mignon and Shaun for letting me photograph your engagement - I am really looking forward to your wedding! You guys are very special people, not to mention great company and I'm very excited for your big day!