Thursday, 17 October 2013

I am a Boland girl through and through - mountains, vineyards, oak trees, you name it - but this shoot just made me fall in love with the rolling hills of the Swartland. For those of you unfamiliar with the area, the Swartland is South-Africa's breadbasket as the area is responsible for most of the country's wheat production. The name Swartland (literally translated as 'Black Land') comes from a name given to it by Jan van Riebeeck, after the darkened appearance of Renosterbos (Rhinoceros bush) after winter rains.

Now that you have a history lesson under the belt, it's on to my lovely couple! We shot their engagement shoot this past Sunday on Paul's family farm just outside Moorreesburg and not only was I completely and totally infatuated with the landscape, I also had the pleasure of getting to know these two amazing people whose wedding I will be shooting in April.

Again, my little brother took on the role of my assistant (we are really becoming to enjoy our little roadtrips together!) and we simply had the best time!

Melissa works in the fashion industry and Paul runs his parents' farm - most would think that this could be a volatile combination, but these two compliment each other so well! They are both the most sweet, down-to-Earth, friendly people you will ever meet and definitely up for anything: Melissa's words to me when we started shooting were "we will run through the dam if you want us to!" - how can I not love them?

So, we all piled into the back of the bakkie and headed out to one of the most beautiful corners of the farm, all four of us and Demon the world's most adorable pit-bull (but don't tell him that because he's a man, okay?).