Monday, 20 May 2013

Hello everyone! Wedding season is over and I thought I'd share something a bit different with you. (If you ever wanted to know what wedding photographers do on off-weekends, this is pretty much it - we have sort-of lives haha!)

The three guys I spent my Saturday afternoon with are none other than my other half Philip (the tall, lanky one with the long hair) and our two friends André (Junior) and Sean.

André has an Honours degree in molecular biotechnology, but the rest of us will agree that he completely missed his calling - not only does he brew his own (delicious!) beer, he cooks like the gods of food themselves taught him to!

I will be doing a shoot this weekend with Irmgard, and Anja from Glitz and Grammar as the stylist, so until then enjoy this little slice of life on the blog!


It's me! :) 




Tannie Moira! :)


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    1. I needed an excuse to take some photos this weekend - I realised I have more photos of other people's friends and families on my hard drive than my own! :/