Monday, 4 August 2014

"This is ridiculous!"
"This, Madame, is..."


Models: Gabbi Katz (The Blue Haired Betty) and Carmen Botes from D&A Models
Photography and Retouching: Grethe Rosseaux 
StylingSam Ellenberger and Gabbi Katz
Hair colour and colour cosmetics: Manic Panic from AnonaMiss Beauty Emporium

Gabbi's cupcake corset, orchid hairpieces and cameo accessories: Miss Happ
Carmen's outfit and flower hairpiece: Gypsy Carnival by Sam Ellenberger
Flowers and d├ęcor: Paradiso Flowers, Somerset West
Location: Weltevreden Estate, Stellenbosch

Photographic assistant and videography: Kylie Hepburn/Miss Hepburn
Technical Assistant: Bruce Ellenberger

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