Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Coming from Wellington where everybody knows each other and their dog, moving to Somerset West has left me feeling kind of isolated, despite having friends, my sister and my boyfriend's family here. I decided to take matters into my own hands and I joined a Facebook group for photographers in the Helderberg to get to know some people in the area and after posting a few photographs, I was roped in by one of the prominent members to come and join in a well... "bring and shoot" at his house. 

Hennie and Maired kindly opened up their home and turned it into a studio for the day while four photographers basically caused pandemonium for an entire day. 

I had this concept of turning a model into a human mirror ball for quite a long time and when I showed my concept to Hennie, he immediately got Marihett Bredenkamp on board for makeup. Now I've been on many, many sets with traditional makeup and that fascinates me to no end, but seeing Marihett haul out the air compressor for airbrushing just blew my mind. The results are amazing! Danica was an absolute trooper that day for sitting through the makeup application that took the better deal of an hour, despite having a pageant that evening! Keep an eye on this girl, she's going places!

MODEL: Danica Vandenheede
MAKEUP: Marihett Bredenkamp/Airbrush Makeup South Africa 
THANKS TO: Hennie and Maired Niemand for their incredible hospitality

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  1. These are flipping cool! - your model has quite a bionic feel with the silver make up.